I don’t fear. I am not a coward.

My close one at home or at work don’t like to talk something.

Being close with them has made me to realize that they don’t like that talk and hate that action. They get raged, they get restless if we discuss that subject.

I am strong. “Why should this fellow hate these things? Don’t they utter words or sentences which I don’t like? I shall definitely tell those things. Let them change their mindset.”
“Who is he/she?  Let them come to my way. Let them amend their ways” 
Why should I be a coward before them and don’t say what they don’t like.
Pondered a little on this thought. 
It is the other way.
I am strong. I am not a coward. I am strong enough to know them. I love them. I like their likes and dislikes.
I shall not utter the things that they don’t like.
Instead listen to them.

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