September 7

A long drive to a place which is less than 100 km is quite OK.
Beyond that, driving is not that joyful.
A Sunday spent in driving pursuit is a blessed day.
When I get I chance, I would like to know, to go to that place by a different way.
Always there are more than 3 ways to reach a place which is more than 50 km away from my home.
The geography and the directions confuse a bit and the exact route map don’t synchronize in the mind. I love that condition of the mind.
The roads diverge in V shape and   +   shape and a delicate decisions are to be made to take one road. When the road diverge in V shape and the mind has to say left or right when come across a + junction.
I wonder, even if a wrong decision is made the direction could be straightened out.
After the physical journey a Google map journey to the same place is a double blessed day.


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