September 10

Dear Knife!
We have a lovely knife.
Not the one where the blade is silver in color and sleek. You got the idea? Let me explain a little more.
The one with pink or green handle with a silver colored blade. Some cutest knifes have frilled blade too.
Our dear knife, more so my dear knife is not that attractive as the one described above.
This knife has got the dullest wooden handle and does not have a shining blade. A hefty one. This knife is used by caterers and not usually at home.

It will be delight to see caterers chopping onions to smallest pieces.
This beautiful knife was recommended by my friend and was bought to me from a specialist knife shop.
I passionately scrub the blade on the floor to get extra sharpness whenever I am on a cutting project. My knife and me love to cut vegetables very much.
I don’t know whether my knife loves me or hates me. But as I write this, I definitely say that my knife loves me.
You have seen dogs playing? Like the dogs play, when I start cutting the vegetables, the knife also wants to play with me.
The knife will hit my left hand thumb which is holding the vegetable. Very mildly it will hurt my left hand thumb nail, or just below the nail. A lovable pain. I will reciprocate by passionately scrubbing the knife edge on the floor.
Today, the knife had a different play. It hit my left hand forefinger, very lightly chopping the skin delicately to bring little blood out.
Dear knife, you love to play with me?


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