September 11

When I opened from my lunch box from my bag today, I found a cutest tiny stainless steel box. I was wondering what it was!

Usually I have a rectangular plastic box for lunch and a bottle of buttermilk to drink.
What is this little cute little box is doing here?

Curiously I opened the little box.

Sugar crystals were smiling at me from inside the box .

“Why sugar for me? Has my wife by mistake sent this sugar for me? Perhaps she might have kept this sugar for some other purpose? Perhaps prasad from her pooja?” I was wondering.

I opened now my rectangular lunch box. There was dhal rice and the side box inside the lunch box had curd in that.

Yes, the purpose of sugar is understood now.
A surprise.

A thoughtful and lovely gesture by wife.

Curd with sugar….so nice!

Loving wife….so nice!




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