September 12

Our office is situated in a spacious campus and has got two buildings. We call them East wing and West wing. Each wing consists of two floors apart from the basement. Our office is in the East wing.
East wing – the basement is not complete and the rooms are coming up now. West wing basement cellar is complete with various offices and a spacious canteen. Third floor is coming up above the two buildings.A mammoth construction is also going on in between the two buildings. Perhaps a grand structure befitting a zonal office.
It is a nice thing to watch the construction work, when we get bored with our work.
My friend and me watched the construction of metal Road being laid in around the two buildings. Perhaps 3 km in perimeter some three months ago. It was a fantastic Road appearing white with fine powder of granite stones. I used this Road to train my wife and daughter to drive our car. (Now, after the rains the road is old)
Heavy foundation is being done for the grand structure connecting the East and the West wing of our offices.
I have some pictures of them here.
Deep holes are drilled with heavy machinery using JCP. Heavy pillars are made. This prompted me to know something about foundation of buildings. I learnt little about shallow foundation and deep foundation. Thanks to Wikipedia.
How will the finished structure look like? We have wait and see.


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