September 13

Today is “Nadhaswaram” update day.

Gopi has come down to Karaikudi, at his father Chokalingam’s request.

Chokalingam has made a steadfast decision, antagonizing his elder son Prasad. Prasad wanted his beautician sister Ragini to marry a well to do man from Dindugal.

Chokalingam wants to give Ragini’s hand to Guhan. (The discontinuing/continuing saga of love for episodes together!)

Gopi has left Malar at Tirupur. The Tirupur chaos is the missing of Nani.

At Nani’s house, Nani is missing. Police find a spot of blood.

Shiva and his father Raju are happy to fix Gopi in a scandal with Nani. Police are investigating.


1) Shiva and his father Raju are happy. Malar will be at police custody till Gopi arrives from Karaikkudi.
2)An emotional Gopi tells Maha that he will not be at the venue of Rahini Guha marriage as Prasad is hating him. He also tells Maha to apprise Prasad that he will not see him. and is ready to rush to Tirupur.
3)Gopi is rushing to Tirupur.

How will he escape from this terrific situation?


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