September 17

Have I written earlier about a day without my mate? I would have…..
May be I have whined….

It is worth whining….
My spouse took a holiday today.
She wanted to enjoy a trip with her friends.

Okay…I think I can have more time on my Internet.
Contrary to my thought…I hate Internet.
Whatever activity I do on the net is better when she is around.

She could have gone without cooking anything for us.
No…meticulous she is….she even packed my lunch and then started for her trip.

Missing my wife…my motivation is less.

This is what the zodiac sign also predicts…

You might not feel very motivated today. However, you can be quite productive if you stop scheming to get time off.

I planned to scheme to get time off. But the prediction did not allow me that.
I think I was productive at work and had to come late in the evening.

Waiting for my beloveds arrival.

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Balasubramanian Ganapathy


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