September 28


Enjoy the clock.
The numbers are depicted using the number 9

I love the number 9

I was having fun with this clock.

Got stuck up for the digit 5 and 7

I wondered what √9! was!

√9! is 3!. 3! is 3*2*1 = 6. 6- 9/9=5!

If I work out 9!….and take the square root of that number, the maths does not work!

.9 bar(bar above 9, I am not able to type now) is .999999 almost equal to 1, 9-3= 6 and 6+almost one is equal to 7.

This clock gave me an opportunity to review my long lost interest in maths and revived my love towards the number 9.

I shared the clock with my work mates. They helped me to revive the bar and ! meanings.

Failed to write 9 bar in the work….but did not succeed. I wanted a bar above 9. The bar is called macron?

Any help to write 9 bar?



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