Dear son

Dear son,
I should thank God to be able to watch Health and fitness not through an app so far in my life.
I had no intention of watching Health and fitness. It was watched by Life itself helped by my mother, grandma, wife and you children.
You’ve presented me a Windows phone.
Today I thought I would watch my steps, through The Health and fitness app in the phone

‘How far is that ‘Venketeshwara’ temple from our home?

Switched on the’ Steps’

The temple is 2.83 kms from our home.
Your mother also accompanied me.
We made 10,442 steps. Burnt 346 calories. Taking the to and fro distance, plus a little distance walked for getting the milk plus going back to the temple after walking a little distance, to visit toilet made a total distance of 7+ km.

Our steps were 106 steps per minute.

We have consumed 108 calories so far.
This is another part of the app, which tells about the consumption of calories.

The consumption consists of coffee and uppit.
I could not get the food uppit in the app data. So I wrote as Wheaties.

So son we burnt this much calories today.
It takes some dedication to watch the calorie burning.

Instead let us go on burning calories without watching through an app.

Cannot carry mobile whilst doing some workout of the body.

So let me watch the steps when I step out.

Thanks for the phone…

Yours affectionately


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