Writing a decent article in Wikipedia is difficult. Leave the writing part. Reading a difficult subject at Wikipedia is also difficult.
Okay. Wikipedia gives straight information on a subject. We learn a bit, straight from Wikipedia.
Try learning something corrugated. Learning a thing sarcastically, with a punch or fun. It is really fun. Or it is fun for me?
On a night, when sleep was having a tiff with me, I just made acquaintance with Uncyclopedia.
Tapped to read dick and tit. Tapped to read about sex. Made an interesting study of the curious things a dirty mind has. Read them, if you don’t get a stealthy smile…what is the use of living? Always should read Wikipedia seriously?
Read something in a sarcastic style, with a little venom mixed with.
Realise, writing an uncyclopedia article is more difficult to write, than a Wikipedia article.
Read, the uncyclopedia articles on curious items like Twitter, blog and Facebook.


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