About not getting sleep

Circa 72.
An article in ‘kalaimagal’ I remember. It was written by Ki.va.Jaganathan.
I remember that article,when I lose my sleep some nights.
Ki.Va.Ja should have experienced the plight of sleeplessness when we’re are supposed to sleep. Everyone has this bout of sleeplessness.
Ki.Va.Ja. had expressed his experience of not getting sleep in that article. That was the time when we can’t get up and switch on the tv to get more irritated to choose a channel to calm the wandering mind.
Now, if we don’t get sleep, we can take our smart phone and browse through all nonsense and worry about drainage of battery, as well as our energy.
Ki.Va.Ja describes the hours from 10 pm to 6am. He describes the sounds that occur every hour. He enjoys, lying down, the moment of the night patrolman. The night patrolman moves around 3 am.
The inspiration holds good to this day, even though a sleepless night sucks. I can look forward to it, to enjoy the quiet night and observe how the night moves with various sounds.
Without thinking about my cellphone or the tv let me enjoy the night simply lying down and observing the sounds. The distant horn of a vehicle, the delicate snore of a dear one near me, the footsteps of the neighbour who is approaching his home late and the cry of the little baby who has come to the new house.
Readers do you have any article to recommend to me, as to how to spend a long sleepless night?
Yes, let me look forward to enjoy a sleepless night today.


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