Life is Good.

Life is Good.

These days I have been reading something on the net. Here I give an extract or rather quote from what I have been reading.

  • kind words and warm reactions are just what we need to remind us that life is good.
  • It doesn’t have to always make sense. Some things just have to make you smile.
  • “Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.” — Kurt Vonnegut
  • In my experience, the small penis casts a long shadow in the lives of many men. And as they say, to get rid of a shadow you must shine a light on all sides.
  • In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be present. -Lao Tzu, philosopher of ancient China

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