Son had been to Daman recently. I made a web search of the same.
Sitting on the peppery sands of Daman-Ganga that flows softly to hug the Arabian Sea, a few leagues away is Daman, a picturesque port town of indescribable loveliness
Just 13 km drive from Vapi, the nearest railhead on the Mumbai – Delhi Western Line, Daman Offers an ideal retreat and a refreshing holiday away from the sick, hurry and divided aims of a mad, mad world around. Temperate in climate round the year it is a getaway home in all seasons. A Portuguese enclave for four centuries and a half till the close the colonial rule in 1961, Daman has been a coveted prize for which princes and potentates, indigenous scraps and alien powers waged wars. Muted memories of history lie vaulted in the monuments of Daman, gathering slime of time. It had been a melting pot where races and cultures met and mixed to bring forth a multi-colored identity. Try Daman once and you’ll be drawn to this scenic spot again and again. With rest, repose, fun & laughter with friendly and hospitable people, Daman is unparalleled
Daman is one of the easiest tourist spot to reach. Just 193 km from the mega-polis, Mumbai by the National Highway No. 8

The massive fort was built in 1559 ad. The structure encompasses about 30,000 sq. meters, with 10 base station and two gateways.
It is shaped like polygonal with projection at regular intervals of about 500 feet and carrying splayed angular base station. All along the inner wall there are barracks for defense personnals on the northern side within the confine of the fort were located the places, the secretariat and the other official buildings. A large number of Portuguese gentry and their families resided within the fort.

Further reading http://www.daman.nic.in/default.aspx



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