Don’t plan

Yes, I like dullness. Absolutely no excitement.
Yes, no excitement at all.
Please don’t plan excitedly to spend some some dull time for the day.
It’ll happen on its own. Catch it if you have an inkling that it will happen.
To make it happen, give all your people work or exciting entertainment (don’t will happen with your prudent aim for enjoying dullness.)(they will not disturb your dullness)
Sit down.
Switch on the TV.
Don’t bother about selecting a channel or movie.
Go to your default channel (in my case suntv)
Don’t allow the brain or mind to wander about the title of a movie or cast in that. Excited people have made a movie for your dullness.
Don’t touch the remote. Remote is made for people who love excitement.
I Watch….without going to another channel when the commercials come.
Watch the movie.
Enjoyed the dullness?

Come on, go for excitement…now!


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