Mind working for a future task

Boiled the potatoes in the cooker. Peeled the skin, when the heat from potatoes dwindled. Put the pan on the stove.
Adding all the ingredients, sautéing made nice potato curry. We call it podimas in our native tongue.
This weekend, I’ll have that extra examination supervision duty. Friday I have to collect the materials required to conduct the exam. Saturday, I have to visit the examination centre and see that the roll numbers of the candidates appearing for the examination are properly written and rooms are properly allotted. Sunday will be hectic. After handing over the answers sheets to the authorities reaching home will be around three.
A blog entry to be written on Friday bringing out the work I do in my mind for a future day.
Okay. The preceding paragraphs are the work done in my mind for a future day. What actually happened on the day of work is this:
Got up late. Did not have time to make a potato curry, instead I made potato sambar. The sambar served as a gravy to be mixed with rice and the potatoes in the sambar served as curry.
The work of weekend examination supervision was done in the mind till Thursday evening. When the allotment of work was published on Thursday evening by my company, it was revealed that my allotment of examination work is simpler version. I have just go to the examination hall only on Sunday and supervise a room, where 32 candidates will be writing the competitive examination. Just doing that work now in my mind now on this Saturday afternoon.
All the week, I was composing this entry, just wanting to share how I work with my mind for a future task and how the work works out when actually the task gets done and made a deadline to post on Friday.
You know now, what actually happened. I should be grateful. I publish this entry on Saturday and I enjoyed a day on Friday without posting anything in this blog.


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