A Holiday to posting here at ‘want to share’. It was a Holiday from Sunday to Wednesday. Four days. Good.
This month I had to travel to Dharwad on two occasions. Week ending 8 and 9 & 15 and 16. The main purpose was supervising the mammoth recruitment examination which is scheduled by our company on all the weekends of November 14.

The drive to Dharwad from Hubli is 20+ kms. It is not a good drive. Thanks to rains and the doubling of road work going on the Road is all humpy and bumpy.

Wikipedia describes Dharwad as a resting place. It is a resting place, no doubt and the terrain of Dharwad with ups and downs is fantastic.

The word “Dharwad” means a place of rest in a long travel or a small habitation. For centuries, Dharwad acted as a gateway between the Malenaadu (western mountains) and the Bayalu seeme (plains) and it became a resting place for travellers. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘dwarawata’, ‘dwara’ meaning “door” and ‘wata’ or ‘wada’ meaning “town”.

Here is a link to Dharwad administration site.

The flavour page, I am directed to Kasuti. Enjoy some Kasuti designs.


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