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“Most things are forgotten over time…. We’re so caught up in our everyday lives that events of the past are no longer in orbit around our minds. There are just too many things we have to think about every day, too many new things we have to learn.” ― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Ah, there is yet another Examination supervision duty on Sunday. The venue is again Dharwad. I have picked up three my colleagues to join me for the drive to Dharwad on Sunday.

Living in mind, regarding that event on this Friday.

Also, the other thing that I am trying to live and do in my mind is, what best I can do, to make a post almost daily here.

I have listed ten items here. I have a ready made prompt. I can make a tele serial entry tomorrow, a picture pick on Sunday and try to catch a thought and write about it on Monday. Plan something for the next three days on Monday.

  1. News
  2. Tele serial
  3. Husband wife letters.
  4. Picture pick
  5. Re blog
  6. Picture pick
  7. Catching a thought to write.
  8. Behind bits of papers
  9. I loved reading this.
  10. Good tweets.

With drafting of the posting being done at one note now-a-days I have to make some changes in the mode of coming to WordPress.

Readers, if you happen to read the posts in this blog, you can suggest me some topics too. I shall try to share something from my life.



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