Who is the hooded man?

In in one of my previous updates of the serial ‘Nadhaswaram’ I had mentioned, that the serial may end soon.
This is also confirmed by one of the artist in that serial.
Last Sunday, suntv was airing a programme, about the suntv families. Here, the 18 mega serials that are broadcast everyday represented the families.
The Nadhaswaram family had dispatched a special episode direct from Karaikudi – where the Nadhaswaram family drama takes place. It was nice, a continuous shot, where all the artists happily shared the working in the shoot of the drama.
Anyway, the serial did not end this week.
The highlight of this week’s story is about, Malar and Maha trying to peck their husbands Gopi and Prasad respectively to change their traits and join the family without hating each other.
The pecks were nice, Malar using tears as the peck and Maga using high degree reprimands as her peck.
The pecking idea is devised by the sisters of Gopi and Prasad.
Some kidnap dramas, the astrologer and Subbu getting hit were the other items of interest in this week’s drama.
What is the hooded man story? That Sumathi girl is keeping ready the bait money.
Two pictures from today’s episode to go with this entry.


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