“As is where is”

He was a successful merchant.

All his mind was money. It was all money and he thought nothing more than money.
He will buy goods from a place. He will sell them in a place where such goods are not available with huge profits.
Buying. Selling. Huge profits. Count the money. Stack them. Nothing else was there in his life.

Once, he was on a trade mission with 10 ship loads. Sitting in a corner of his boat..he was calculating the profits he will earn from this mission. And lo, there was a big storm and all the merchandise were drowned. The merchant was in the boat and could escape from the wrath of the storm.

He was under heavy loss. All his money gone. He went bankrupt.

People who provided him with loan for this big mission began to pester him to return back their money.He could not pay. All his life he thought nothing but money, he did not know to come out of this crisis.

One friend advised him something to come out of this problem.
The next day when the creditors came to him.

he said: “As is where is”

He went to repeating this. No amount of threat or cajole brought any other word from him.

The people who had given him loan knew that they could not get back their money and they returned with bit of sympathy to the Merchant.

“Poor fellow has gone mad”

The merchants friend who advised him to go mad, came next day and said:

“Hello friend. The trick I told you worked. Now, let me get back my money. It will not be that much burden to you”

The Merchant now said:

“As is where is”


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