Letter from Jan

Dear Babu,

This is a reply to your letter on  18th October.

You talked about the amman pictures I snapped from my Window phone. It was nice to see the letters and pictures posted in a letter form and in a blog.

Your tag line in this blog tells that ‘meantime expressing myself’

Expressing yourself in a blog is one thing. Why don’t you express yourself well with me? Start expressing with me well. Tell me all the sundries. Let it be the silliest thing. Let’s keep the conversation going on. We express together.

What I have observed in life that the expressing moments are very fine. But I know, expressing something as we think is very difficult. We have to co-ordinate the words, body language, mingle some humor. And we sometimes do express something and we feel fine at the moments.

Expressing ourselves in the new diary is fine. And thanks to you, I shall use onenote for my draft diary and try to send pictures.

We have talk about the same thing on some days. Here is a screen shot from our diary.


Nice to express something through letters.

We shall do that now and then in the blog. Husband wife expressing. Ha ha ha.



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