Dear Babu,

Dear Babu,
So nice of you to talk about expressions, in your last letter
I compose this from my hootsuite.
We almost express everything and everything in our marital state. As we age there is no inhibitions. Right?
I have also realised that we fight for the same thing. I have a collection of things on which we fight for the same reason.
The first one, standing near the kitchen table.
You stand near the kitchen table when something is cooking.
I say, why don’t you do some other work instead of simply wasting your time?
You say, “I do things patiently and do one thing at a time and all”
We start the fight there.
I say, you don’t stand.
You say, “I’ll stand”….citing examples of the things I have burnt.

You say “I waste fuel”

And our arguments continue….
What do you want to cite as an example from your point of view, on the same topic about “We fight for the same silly thing again and again?”

Reply soon,


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