Ragini’s Wedding

At last Ragini weds Guhan with everyone’s consent. That is the episode of the day. But there is trouble.

The fake astrologer and Subhu, wait with a slingshot (Catapult). Subhu is selected by the fake astrologer to strike Prasad who is coming for the wedding of Ragini.

thanks wiki
Sling shot

Their aim is to tell Prasad that when he meets Gopi, something disastrous will happen. When Prasad believes that, they can keep the Prasad family away and they can swindle the money of Prasad.

The catapult episode  is captured by the two underlings of   the astrologer.


As always….the bad people succeed and Prasad swoons down. But he is alright helped by Gopi.

Next week…..how the story will turn?


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