Writing something about K.Balachandar the genius in Cinema, several thoughts come to me.
The roller skating girl in the film “Tillu Mullu”, his female characters in the films are naughty, yet they sacrifice and have original characteristic. You will love them not for their beauty but for their character. The skating girl is the hero’s sister and her dialogues with the doctor friend of the family is vivid in my mind.
The scene in ‘Ninaiththaale Inikkum” where Kamalahasan and Jayaprada travel in a plane, and Kamalahasan seeing the palm of Jayaprada and telling that in the palm it is written as “Please Turn Over”
The Sri Devi and Kamalhasan duet “muthu irukuthu…chippi irukuthu” song from the film “Varumayin Niram sivapu” (there is thought and notes…but no time to make a lyric)
A movie, where K.Balachander himself acts along with Bharathi Raja. The film is called “two rounds” The grandfathers in the movie make a hell of rowdyism which is enjoyable.
I remember nodding my head like a doll..Nagesh, Kamalhasan, Saritha, Rajanikanth, Prkash Rai…..Jayachitra, fataphat Laxmi….all with Balachander’s touch.
How can I forget, Ek duje ke liya and Marocharithra….with Goan beaches and Visakapatman beaches.
Poornam Viswanathan under K.Balachander’s Direction is a class by itself.
I remember Balachanders Cameo in TV serials also.

A great man…He is an influence to me and crores of people who love cinema.


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