Sokku is angry

Sokku is angry 😠.
That fellow Raju, is irritating Sokkus family like hell.
Raju could not swindle the property of his mama Jaganathan. He is snubbed by Malar, Gopi, Sambandham and Kaja. Sambandham and Kaja shave off his facial hairs.
He threatens Gopi and Malar.
Sokku says, that so far his hands were holding Nadhaswaram. He will not hesitate to take a dagger to Kill Raju.
In the other threads of the mega serial “Nadhaswaram” Prasad is getting duped in a wholesale manner from tonsured subbu, fake astrologer. A real estate dealer imposter is also invited by the Subbu lot to dupe Prasad.
Rajesh, is on the scenes now to jeopardize the life of Guha and Ragini.
The Nadhaswaram serial moves on…..


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