Travel of my content.

Writing in my one note 📝 application on my widows phone 📱 is good.
If I attach an image to the note,it is even better.
I’m thrilled to send the note to my ‘want to share ‘ blog using my e mail at outlook. It is so simple. Only difficultly is finding some interesting stuff to write.
The content I write on my phone goes to my blog. At my blog there is a customization, where the blog gets automatically shared in my Facebook account, Twitter account and Tumblr accounts. It is immediate. All that I have to write something good on the note, pick a nice image, take the note to sharing mode and just tap the ‘send’ icon.
The content is ready for the world to read. Whether the world reads or not, my Facebook keeps the entry under WordPress photos.

Balasubramanian Coimbatore
So, let me write some good thing, pick a nice image, so that the world likes to read them.


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