Shraddha. Saburi.

Happy Pongal.

Happy Makar Sankranti.

This holiday is the time to enjoy my Wikipedia app in my windows phone.
What information you want?

Thai Pongal? Makar shankranthi?

A thousand years ago, Makar Sankranti was on 31 December and is now on 14 January. According to calculations, from 2014 Makar Sankranti will fall on 15 January.

Today is Thursday. Shiridi Sai Baba day.

Time to see Aaarathi of Baba. Time to eat prasadam at Baba’s Temple. Time to ponder about the ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’

Time to search Sai Baba and know more about him.

Time to follow ‘Shraddha’ ‘Saburi’.

‘Shraddha’ in a Sanskrit word, which has no equivalent in English, at best it can be understood as, faith with love and reverence.

‘Saburi’; is patience and perseverance.

Happy Pongal.


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