Getting up.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

I have to make some blog posts based on Daily Prompts too. The Daily Posts helps.
Every human being sleeps. Gets up. Goes to their duties.
It is the time between getting up doing the thing which gives us bread or something that has to be done with devotion.

When we are at work with colleagues, this in between time is less talked about. If at all talked, get up go for walking. Keep the body fit and all that.

Getting up itself is difficult. Why? Those people get up and run. They also have that starting trouble?

Immediately after getting up, I want to rub my palms and tell a lakshmi slokam. It gives inspiration. Definitely. Have to wash my face thoroughly if possible, using good amount of soap lather. My wife says, the perfume of the soap will drive away the sleep and the sloth.

A fine prostration touching all my bodyparts on the floor. Two more also will be fine.

Yes, it is fine.

The work waiting for me appears to be easy. Feel like taking a bath……..

Yet, these rules for getting up on “Two right feet” are not working all the time.

Yes, get up, rub the palms, wash your face with soap prostate before God….fine things to keep the two feet on life given to me that day.

One or two of the things if I do, the day is alright.

If I don’t well…..The life becomes dull.

Two Right Feet


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