network it should have its own errors

It was amusing to compile the list of places ‘I enjoyed visiting’ in my blog yesterday. Getting the prompt for ‘compiling list’ from one of the prompting sites I just made the attempt. (prompt: How about a list of prompting ideas sites on the internet?)
With the idea of preparing the list of places I enjoyed, in my home town, I stole some images from my wife’s cell phone. She has a wonderful collection of images of the places we visit. It was tough to select the images, she had innumerable pics. I selected three and quickly stored in my one note. This was done at my home computer.
In the train fighting the internet availability and phone battery sense, deeply involved myself in preparing the list. As I listed, the places travelled to my mind. It was a fine feel.
Hitting the list to the blog through e mail sucked a bit.
Everytime I sent the entry, through my e mail, the e mail remained in my out box.

“Network network it should have its own errors”

Draft to outbox, outbox to draft..had some anxious moments. Editing at one note I unintentionally deleted one image too.

Ok. Such a fantastic list. How can accept defeat of not able to post my best list so patiently prepared, because of network and battery constraints?

Tried posting through g mail.
Success. The post appeared twice at WordPress.

Bong bong…had some playing in deleting one entry.
Feed back: When I shared this list of places I’ve enjoyed list with my wife, she mocked the silliness of the project. However she has complemented the list with additional items.
Shall add them to yesterday’s list soon?


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