Dear Jan

Dear Jan,

This is the reply to your letter posted on 04/12/14.
You were talking about the things we fight.
That is fight number one.
I shall tell you about the fight number two.

I am preparing to sit in front of  the computer. Switched on the two switches. One the computer switch and the other the modem switch. You are in the kitchen doing some important work, which takes time.
After switching on the computer, it takes some time for the computer to show the desktop icons.

I click the apps I use, click wordpress….Wordpress by default shows the reader  items I have subscribed. I spend some time over there.

By the time, I start doing some work on the blog I maintain, a call comes from you,
“Hey ….what do you do there….I am slogging here alone…at least you can be here and talk to me….”

The whole day, I was having a thought to be blogged. I was searching for the time.
This call from you irritates me….

There our fight starts……
How many times, we have had fight on this issue…ha… haaa….

Hey, Jan we forgot about the The UselessWeb we visit….
In this letter, I want to go to an useless site…
Here we go:

Come on tweet this

Hope you enjoyed that.
Enjoy this image too


Image from the web site

I expect a letter from you before 10th of February….

May be you will have another issue about our fighting.



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