Sad or Weird?

Thinking so much about making an entry for the day, I am struggling to enter the title for today’s writing.
With the allotted time of  just 10 minutes, can I say everything I thought?
What is that thing I thought?

I thought, I will tell about the pages I visit on the internet.
I have selected a page, which I am enjoying in another Window in my home computer.
(When will I write about that page and what is that page?)
The thoughts are sometimes so fast, at work I took a new scribbling pad and noted three more pages.
Anyway, there are points in my notebook now…which I may enter here on subsequent days. I postponed an idea of writing the Kannada and Tamil stars which are 27 in number. I shall write…..

Am I sad, I rant so much?

I am lazy, procrastinate, don’t get up early, don’t do things which my wife or boss tell me,

Am I weird?

I thought so many things…like jealousy, helplessness, no easy work flow….

Am I weird to think about all these things?

Am I sad, because everything I try to write becomes some sort of journal entry?

Something I read in a blog hit me. The blog title said: “I wrote this for you”
This I write for me:

We are always weird or sad…..we forget the weirdness or sadness and are joyful  which we forget.

We are all weird and sad.


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