Mahatma Gandhi and Moksha.

Listening to Radio should be without distraction.
Radio and me...nothing to read… nothing to write… and nothing to share…

Me and my Radio… thoughts…

But Chennai FM or Tamil FM I cannot get here at Hubli.
So, internet is the one of the option for me to listen to some extra FM stations.

So, the Tamil helps me.

FM Radio broadcast is full of distractions….I just cannot listen only to the conversations or music or News.
Messages in between….ads…Govt messages.

Today, However Mahathma’s views on Moksha message was good.
Simply put, Moksha is the thing to live with the fellow human beings helping each other. It is not a mukthi from the cycle of birth and death.

Gandhi’s 11 point guide to human beings.

(1) Satya-Truth,
(2) Ahimsa-Nonviolence,
(3) Brahmacharya-Celibacy
(4) Asteya-Non-stealing,
(5) Aparigraha or Asangraha-Non-possession
(6) Sharira-Shrama; Physicallabour or Bread Labour.
(7) Asvada-Control of Palate,
(8) Abhaya-Fearlessness,
(9) Sarva-Dharma-Samanatva- Equal respect for all Religions,
(10) Swadeshi-Duty towards Neighbour and
(11) Asprishyatanivarana – Removal of Untouchability.

Items 7 to 10 are the best principles.

M.K. Gandhi’s ultimate goal was Moksha or the realization of God. Since he believed that service of man was the best way to realize God,​


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