Dear Babu

Dear Babu,
I should write a letter as you propose but you don’t write letters regularly. Oh.. oh.. this is not the start of a fight but reply to the letter you posted on 28-01-15.
The computer ‘in between us’ fight continues. Shall I begin the new ‘bag fight’ here?
“How smoothly you whack the new white bag I got from Kalyan Jewellers?” You will make it dirty with all the rotten vegetables you buy.
You retort: “Why I should take all the dirty bags you have…but not a new one?”
I say “You don’t bend your body and search for an apt bag…you pick up all the new ones. Just to buy milk, you take the brand new one”
Your riposte “I don’t waste time in searching bags, I take the available one..don’t I have the freedom to take a bag of my own…”
I sally: “Lazy rubber, you spoil all my things”
Offensive attacks begin,
and that is our “bag fight”
In your next letter (post before 28-2-15) tell me about the ‘car fight’ we enjoy.
The “Tweet this” useless site was good.
Here is my selection from the useless web.
Yes we will move, then think.

An image to go with this letter.


Image from the website  Daily Mail
Yours jan.

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