Oh….I will miss Nadhaswaram today.

The last update, I made about the serial Nadhaswaram was on 17th January.
Pongal week

Pongal weekHi 🙋 folks. How was this week? This week here in our place was four day week. Pongal festival was celebrated on Thursday. Tamilnadu, observed more than two days o…
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Due to some other engagement, I will not be able to watch the serial this evening.
In the last update I was worried about Guhan’s life.
Guhan is very much alive and is living happily with Ragini. He takes two or three customers to Prasanth to buy land from him.
And lo, Prasanth has bought a Government land cheated by the trio, fake astrologer, fake real estate agent and Subbu.
Gopi with the help of his wife and in-laws tries to help Prasad out from this worst situation.
Prasad, hates Gopi like hell and Gopi is miserably failing.

The fake Real Estate agent, double crosses the Fake astrologer and Subbu and they are in a soup. They did not get the money which they tried to whack from Prasad.

Efforts are on, to trace the fake Real Estate agent. Nelli Andavar is the hope.

Meanwhile another story is brought into the serial. An eloped couple, Thangavelu and Revathy are now residing at Mayilu Chittappa’s house. This is done by Thangavelu’s friend Murthy. Murthy is the son of Nelli Andavar.

The main story and the this story will converge sometime...the good winning.
Waiting for that.

love to write


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