Dhanush is lucky. His acting with the the voice of Amitab Bachchan is a wonderful concept conceived and presented in a superb cinema.
The concept is whether acting involves voice too? Without voice, there is no acting!
Of Course, title card clearly says that the technology of ‘others voice’ and the story is purely fiction.

“If my voice is barked by a dog also, it will be liked”

I like Amitab for his voice, first.
I get mesmerised when I hear his voice.

Whiskey. Will Whiskey exist without water? Who is Whiskey? Who is water?

Movies, it is called picture. It should be movies or motion picture and not picture. It is a mixture of sound and moving pictures.
Well, the ending could have been a comedy, instead of tragedy. The voice and the action could have killed their egos in a good ending.
People realise…ego is not for success.

Shamitabh makes a strong start thanks to its one-of-a-kind plot and the solid performances by both Amitabh and Dhanush. But it falls away by the time it reaches its second half.

thanks Deccan Herald.

Whisky won? or water?
No movies without voice and acting.

Good performance by the trio, Amitab, Dhanush and Akshara Hasan.
4Enjoyed the movie.


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