Dear Son

Dear Son,
I have now and then, tried to share the apps I use in my windows phone in this blog.
The entries were not in a letter form.
This one is in letter form, hoping that you will enjoy my enjoyments.
Some of the entries I  made exploring the phone, I am linking here.

I love my windows phone apps.

See my news app

Tamil writing application.

Advance English Dictionary

Now, this entry is to tell you that, after nearly 6 months of exploring the phone, I have put the aerial to the phone and started listening to FM Radio.
It is fine.
You know in our city we have two FM stations: Vividh Bharathi FM and KLE Radio.

I have the screenshots for you of the stations I listen to.
wp_ss_20150216_0001 wp_ss_20150212_0001

Enjoying Triveni and Chayageet at Vividh Bharathi.
Thanks for the device.



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