Going to shop with wife is a good experience.
How many times I’ve vowed that I will never again go with her for shopping!
Why am I writing this now?
As usual have I broken my vow?
Let me try to explain.
Today we are shopping at!
No going to the mall or wholesale shop drifting through the traffic. No dressing up.
We sit in front of the pc in our veshti and maxi.
Son had recharged our cable subscription and the dish 📡 man had given a voucher worth ₹ 1000/-.
What a nice display of the items these shopping portals give!
It was nice to watch wife looking at the sarees and churidars, zooming the models wearing them.
I select a saree, thinking that she will put that into the bag.
“wait..I will see the different colours available in this”
My patience begins to collapse. I remember one occasion of shopping out, when she drilled me to many shops and came satisfied after getting a saree donned on the show case doll.
To cut the internet shopping short, I just mention that we had to shop a three thousand+ worth saree to take benefit of the dish tv 1000 rupees voucher. Internet shopping is none less than shopping out and more calories are burnt selecting an item from the display.
I vow again I’ll never go to the PC to shop with wife!


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