More on shopping

I see young men on bikes with a heavy black bag on their back and with a print out of addresses in their hands. They come to our office or near my home and ask for the address of the person to whom goods are to be delivered.
These guys are from ‘flipkart’
People order cell phones through internet.
People order so many things ‘online’ 
I see my colleagues browsing the net for items. I have to close my browser if they peep in at my desk because I will be mostly at twitter rather than in the ‘online shops’
Yes, what is the topic I want to share today? More on shopping on the net..what thoughts I could not record yesterday I should try to capture them.
For ‘getting stuff people’ like us who want to spend what we have earned it is all selecting and clicking…
The people who manufacture things like sarees, clothing item and cell phones it is the activity of supplying the items. For the courier fellows it is to deliver the items and for the people who maintain the portals it is shop. They should have content writers, photographers and personnels to maintain the sites. Then the payment of items are to be looked into. May be some accounts people like me will be employed.
So it is a good network employing so many people.
Let’s do more ‘online’ shopping.
Visit Flipkart, snapdeals….and the jabong.
Come on children and wife what do you want?
Let’s go shopping and wait for the courier man.

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