The Hindu (Tamil)

A lovely Saturday evening. I am sitting at my desk top reading Tamil ‘the Hindu’
This will make my mind to work in Tamil and English. I will enjoy a Tamil reading and try a small translating activity.
Let me start with ‘one minute reading’

1) Prime minister attends Mulayam Singh’s grandson’s marriage.
2)More cases of Swine Flu in UP.

Another heading that catches me now is ‘life breadth’
In this section, a person loves to share the forest secrets through camera. The person is Keerthana Balaji from Pollachi. She shares a beautiful image of five colored pigeon. It is captioned as Tamil Nadu’s State Bird.
I go through the wonderful images.
Here is the link for you to see the other secrets. You need not read the article. Fine images are there. Don’t miss it.


I click the Audio Video link now.
Listen to ‘The Hindu’ Audio Headline News. This news is recorded at 8.30 am. The next news bulletin is at 6 pm.
The 6 pm news bulletin is still not uploaded. (now the time is past 7 pm)

I go to the serials in the magazine. Thangar Bachchan writes about the duplicate medicines. The title of the series is
“I feel like telling something”
The page suggested me to read an article entitled “Is talking in Tamil a merit or demerit?”
Udhiran writes this article. He begins his essay saying that there were 6200 languages spoken in the world a 100 years ago. Now we have less than 3000 languages. I get the information that UNESCO is observing FEB 21 as International Mother tongue day to have a connectivity among the world languages. He debates about learning things in mother tongue.
My mother tongue is Tamil. I always love to learn things and enjoy Tamil.
Writing and reading, I have come to 6 pm…
Let me listen to ‘The Hindu” news in Tamil and wind up today’s want to share.
Love to go through ‘The Hindu” tamil edition
Will try to attempt some articles in this style.


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