complicated methods of posting the blogs?

Dear Babu,

Very nice to read your letter posted on 23-02-2015.
You missed me a lot. I could see from your tweets.
My trip to Coimbatore was lovely.
I was very much grateful to you, you planned the trip very well and the accommodations in the trains were very good.
The marriage of Swetha was celebrated in all grandeur and I could visit our aunt at Raja’s street.
The peelamedu trip to have the Darshan of Goddess Akilandeshwari was fantastic.
I enjoy your frustrations you undergo in posting these blog entries. Why don’t you simply post a simple posting, instead of resorting to complicated methods of posting the blogs?
I don’t want to initiate describing the ‘car fight’ we have.
You do that. You also give me a link to another new ‘useless website’ Write a letter to me soon.
I have three images for you from my Coimbatore trip. (including the featured image)


IMG-20150224-WA0010 IMG-20150224-WA0014


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