Anna Dhandavam

Anna Thandavam. If I English this Tamil name, then it would be: Food dance or Rice dance? The last update of the Nadhaswaram serial entry was managed without mentioning his name. I had forgotten his name. I made it a point to remember his name. A special name. Liked it. Anna Thandavam is now the puppet in Nachimuthu’s hand. Nallasivam greed for the full money which Annathandavam had dwindled is not fulfilled. Things are culminating at Kutralam.

• Prasad now sees Annathandavam with Nachimuthu, in a car while he is taking tea in a tea shop.

• Prasad is running away from Nachimuthu’s captivity.

• Geetha ran away from Kalidas’ captivity and now is in the house where Prasad stayed.

• Gopi, Kaja, Sambandham and a now a good Subhu are now trying to find Geetha. Geetha is just there, where Gopi lot are just now.

• Malar is Captured cunningly by Raju. Today’s episode ends with a helpless Malar captured by by Raju and Jaganath’s driver.



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