LOG (Notepad journal)

10:21 AM 3/20/2015
A log for this day. Made that MUV letter. Making this LOG at office using notepad trick. Just make a note entering .LOG in your note pad. Log your thoughts. Close the note pad. When you log in next time, the time you logged is automatically Printed. Today my posting at wordpress is based on this.
10:42 AM 3/20/2015
The MUV letter is about getting a vehicle for our office. Unnecessary dramas happen. People just don’t give the genuine things, interpreting the rules to their fancies. The vehicle we will get?  We have to wait and see.
11:38 AM 3/20/2015
A tea break with colleagues. Two people are going to be relieved to other office. Made a letter regarding that. Great admn man I am!
12:52 PM 3/20/2015
And there, chaps who passed an examination distributed sweet and samosa. And these young chaps made me to consume two pieces. Wow!
Manmatha Nama Samvatsara begins on March 21, 2015
3:07 PM 3/20/2015
And there, afternoon food over. Afternoon stroll with two of my colleagues also over. A three way money transaction is over. Rs.500/- given to a colleague is received back after asking. Six proposals are there on my table. Let me do it on Monday.
3:45 PM 3/20/2015
Oh! Just 3.45 now? Just reading things written about this log trick in notepad written by several people. Also seeing the scores PAK vs AUS cricket. Australia is leading with with run rate of 6.3
4:27 PM 3/20/2015
Tea with biscuits over. Having decided to see the things on Monday morning,  what to do now?
5:41 PM 3/20/2015
20 minutes to the end of this week. Let me do more things next week. A colleague tells about his bad luck. Hope some good things happen to him soon. A sincere worker he is. why good luck strikes some people only?
6:01 PM 3/20/2015
Okay…bye office.
6:44 PM 3/20/2015
Coming home. Do you get weird feelings to settle at home after nearly 9 hrs at work?
I start reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam now.
7:22 PM 3/20/2015
End of reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam. It should not have taken this much time. But I took a break of having the snacks and tea.
I have to rush now to watch serial “Nadhaswaram”
8:37 PM 3/20/2015
ch ch ch…I had to decline a party invitation from the guy who is getting a transfer soon. Too tired.
These are the logs for the day.
When I come back from dinner. I will make this a blog post.
9:04 PM 3/20/2015
Dinner over. Don’t feel like going to get the BP checked. 90/116 is it alright? Tomorrow I will see. Let me eat some more snacks given by wife. Drink butter milk and call it a day!

How is the log entry?
Do you know more tricks to do in Notepad?


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