The other day we got a chance to watch the Hollywood movie Cinderella. The catch lines: “Have courage. Be kind” was inspiring. I loved the scene where the coach turns into Pumpkin. It was very nice, the coach attendants turning to lizards. I never knew that Cinderella’s earlier story….that she was called “Anna” and never read about the demise of her parents. The initial animated scenes told us how Anna’s mother catches the flu virus. The viruses were very white and very harmful. The happy ending story gave us a light feeling and we were happy to watch the movie. Earlier I had written something  based on a writing prompt Cinderella | Passion

Cinderella | PassionThis week my writing mission is to write Cinderalla story. The prompt says that the Cinderalla story which has an happy ending should be tried to end
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Here it is. I want to share:

This week my writing mission is to write Cinderella story.

The prompt says that the Cinderella story which has an happy ending should be tried to end with a sad ending.

The popular Cinderella story I’ve heard through my mother, read as a lesson in my school and have seen a movie too. I remember ‘pumpkin’ turning into chariot and mice turning into horses and Cinderella getting nice dress and dancing with the prince. At the stroke of midnight she runs from the ballet hall leaving one of her glass slippers.

Cinderella story is such that suppression is turning to triumph. When I referred to wikipedia to read the story once again I was overwhelmed to see so many versions of the story. In fact the wikipedia says that the meaning of the name Cinderella is suppression turning to triumph. The version I read in my lesson stated that because Cinderella was in the kitchen among the cinders she was called so. In one of the versions of Cinderella stories the wikipedia mentions this meaning also. Now I continue the story:

Cinderella got into the coach and hurried towards home. Her God mother fairy had warned that if she stays after mid night at the ball, her rich blue gown will turn to rags and her rich coach and other facilities would turn to pumpkin and mice. She cursed at her status and was very sad asking God why, why she lost her parents, ill treated by her step sisters and step mother. She cried at her fate.

The prince was mad. He could not think of any one but Cinderella. That morning the king arranged a search group of soldiers for his son. They carried with them the glass slipper which Cinderella had left at the ball when she hurriedly moved at the chime of 12 last might. They were given the mission of searching each house in the kingdom, for a girl to whom the glass slipper would fit.

“No we don’t have any other girl in this house” – step mother tells the kings group when the glass slipper did not fit into the feet of the step sisters. Cinderella at that juncture comes out of the kitchen on some errand.The cunning step mother very smartly gets hold of the one glass slipper from the soldier and destroys it to pieces.The kings contingent could not find the right feet that would fit into the glass slipper.

The blame for the destruction of one glass slipper was put on one soldier and he was punished . No one ever knew about the other glass slipper. The prince was sullen for a few months and other occupations set him right as the time elapsed. Cinderella continued her servant life. The evil step sisters and step mother lived happily suppressing Cinderella.

love to write


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