Chase or Family Drama?

Shall I say that Sri Thirumurgan is not good in building up worthy chasing scenes in his serial “Nadhaswaram”? I am saying this because, in a jiffy he has untied the knot of Capturing Nachimuthu for the crime of committing murder of Annadhandavam.

May I say that Thirumurugan is better in building up family rifts? The rifts created by womenfolks?
I don’t like Gopi for his too good character.
The rift fire started by Sokku’s wife and Jagannathan’s wife has spread out well now. Jaganathan asks Gopi to get down from the car, which he uses to nab Nachimuthu at his den with the help of Kaja and Sambantham. All this happened because Gopi did not care well for his wife Malar who is pregnant.
Jaganathan’s wife starts hating Maha and even slaps here, because she thinks that Gopi is devoting his full time to solve Maha’s problem of finding her husband Prasad.
Gopi takes Malar to the Hospital, alright, but leaves her alone, caring more for his Prasad searching machine.
Malar meets with an accident. She is in Hospital now.
What is her condition now? Will the baby in her womb survive?
Prasad has joined a hotel somewhere……
A Revathy has come to Magesh’s house. Will she join Thangavelu……?
Todays episode:
It is seen that Jaganathan is adamant in keeping Gopi in dark and us about the condition of Malar. She is moving to Madurai Hospital. Only Monday can show the further about Nathaswaram….Tuesday suntv will be celebrating its 22 and anniversary…. So no Nathaswaram on that day……
Shall let you know about the condition of Malar soon.
The featured image shows maga worried about Revathay

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