Malar delivers Male baby

Yes, the mega serial “Nadhaswaram” comes to a close today.
No longer shall we see Malar, Gopi, Kaja…Chokku, Mayil, Prasad, Meenakshi, Deveyaniai, Maha……

It was wonderful to be at Karaikudi with the characters of the serial.

A number of laymen are given  wonderful chance to act in the serial.

The latest is the Christian doctor who understands Gopi and Malar. (My wife says, she is a real doctor in life…. is that so?)

The drama happens in real places.

Muththuppettai: This where Rasappa and Prasad get cured.
Pudukkottai: This is the place Prasad is kidnapped by human organ thieves
Rameswaram: Prasad escapes first.

Good serial watched for years together.

I congratulate Thirumurugan for this project.


Kaja deserves a fine place for his loyalty to Gopi and his fine acting talent.


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