It is nothingness again. Like the one we had before we were born. Do we feel or realise it? No. The same thing again. Feel sorry, that ‘I’ cannot feel that. Oh…’I’ did not feel that even when I was not born.
“A long ass silence and darkness!” The long does not have a meaning here.


cwt edt

Life is becoming cheaper and we can watch people getting slaughtered over breakfast these days if that was our compulsion. For people of the west who were previously sheltered from such things with efficient  burial companies and censored TV, dying is now much more of an in-your-face reality, particularly and unfortunately for kids too.

So this death thing. I’m curious. What do you think happens when we die? Is that it? A long ass silence and darkness? Will we meet Elvis? Do we get to keep the same clothes? Will we get to spy on the living like some 24 hour reality show? Do we get food? And what role does religion play in your expectation?

What say you??!!

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