From iPhone

WordPress app is in my phone.
Beta editor is available.
Can I now blog from the park, office, places I visit?
I should!
Can I have word count here?
I am obssesed with writing 100 words now -a -days.
I have no means to count words here.
Let me see how I use this facility.


At word press again.

Writng in wordpress, I have this advantage of word count. As I type the words are counted on the right hand side. I don’t think, blogger, livejournal, tumblr,google plus have this facility.

Great,  One round of posting 100 words in the blogging platforms mentioned above is over. It was engaging. It was amusing.

Another round of  posting has just begun now.

I am in search of ten  basics on which I can write 100 words everyday.

So, far I have gathered the following key words  #word #watched #listened #thirukkural #transalation. Only five? I should have five more.

Hope next round makes it 10.


Got inspired again

Developing a practical plan brings you the success you seek.

This is what the Zodiac predicted for me.

What is the success I seek?

To write 100 words everyday and post in my blog/blogs.

I have blogs at WordPress, blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr and where else?

Earlier I attempted this. Now one more purposeful and serious attempt.

Got more inspiration and insight from this site.

The project begins again from today.

The practical plan is to select a blogging site, (change everyday if possible), write, keep drafts ready to post in the site.

I should have some attractive subjects.

Titles – be ready!

Yoyo Mojo. No? No.

This thought and search of ‘self-pity’ lead me to several wonderful thought presses on Word Press.
I am just taking care of things that are given to me including the thoughts and the WordPress.
Nothing is wrong in ‘self-pity’ only thing is let ‘self-pity’ stay for a while and then “you get up and go”
Ah, there taken care of the ‘self-pity’

Love Those "Hands at Home"


What is your stance on whining?

Do you see it as healthy and cathartic? Or feel it is the worst of self pity and completely pointless?

Do you enjoy is for yourself but find it distasteful when others indulge?

My very good friend, and former boss, was known to hang up the phone on me when I whined. He would give me one quiet warning and then . . . click.

I’m actually not all that given to whining. It isn’t on the list of approved behaviors published by my patron saint, Pollyanna, you see.

But some days, I can’t help myself . . .

I’m in the mood to whine.

You may avert your eyes, if need be, or go ahead and hang up on me.

I am suffering from ennui. My list of daily stints has stunted me. Every project I have under way is either vexing…

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