Saturday 3 August

Sitting inside this car I compose this entry.

Okay, shall I start writing?

I am writing this from inside a car. I got this opportunity to compose a blog post from inside a car. There is a feel of ‘emptiness’ now. I am trying to fill the emptiness with small silly things.

Yes. The next thing I was reading for the purpose of sharing with you in this blog is about emptiness. This is the sixth reading in my notes in my OneNote note book.

First the quote I wanted to share with you.

Emptiness is not just absence of everything or presence of nothing. Sometimes Emptiness also comes in presence of everything or absence of nothing..

That is the description of emptiness and the author from whom I have noted these words describes various states of emptiness. I shall link the WordPress link at the end of this blog. Let me serve another quote from the article.

Emptiness is when you believe in fixed way of viewing at things. And when some things don’t match up with your view, you feel empty.

There are various periods of emptiness we go through everyday. We can even say our life is filled with ‘emptiness’ However, one thing is true that, in emptiness we can find solutions.

Did this post help to fill certain emptiness in you? or did it fill you with more emptiness?

Here is the link to define more emptiness situations and I can use them to express some more of my emptiness I face in a jolly way later.


My section ‘ I like reading these pages’ in my note book ‘One Page Reading’ is now filled with 26 pages.

No ‘empty’ feelings at that section now.

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